About SORD

SORD is a membership based, Sudanese Non-Governmental Organization dedicated
to human rights and gender equality in Sudan. Legally, SORD is registered under
HAC as Sudanese non – governmental, not for profit organization.
A vibrant gender focused and informed civil society in Sudan that is actively engaged in maintaining human rights, inclusion, peace and good governance in Sudan.
SORD works together with civil society organizations and other relevant stakeholders so that men and women in Sudan are enabled to actively exercise their rights and responsibilities. We realize this by using participatory action research (PAR), informed advocacy, civic education, providing alternatives and capacity building or enhancement.
By the end of 2020, SORD will be a significant contributor to citizen’s active participation and a sustained civil society engagement towards ensuring sustainable development, democracy and human rights where gender justice is in the core of the process.
Program Themes

Our Structure

SORD Organizational Structure 2018

General Assembly

Board Of Directors

Executive Director
East Sudan Coordinator
Senior Strategic Advisor

Finance Manager
Programs Manager

Media & Comms Officer

Governance Structure

The general assembly comprises of all registered SORD membership, it is the supreme governing organ and the highest decision making body on policy and programs. The assembly is responsible for renewing the organization's leadership and reviewing its strategic directions. Ordinarily, the Assembly meets every year in Khartoum or any agreed upon location.
A Board of Directors is elected from within the Assembly of Members. It is responsible for policy making and ensuring strategic and organizational directions set by the assembly. The Board currently consists of 12 Members. SORD executive director and SORD Strategic Advisor sit on and participate in the board meetings, but with no voting power.
SORD executive body is a small core team of highly professional staff who provides the necessary technical expertise for the implementation of the planned activities in Khartoum, Kassala and Gadaref States.

About Us

SORD believes that an enlightened CSOs with high commitment to human rights and plural democracy constitute the core of change agents provided that channels of communication, collaboration and cooperation are established between the different components of CSOs at all levels. Thus, SORD promotes collective thinking, active participation and the dismantling of all barriers of exclusio.